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Carve an intensely defined physique-without jumps, without weights, and without joint strain. Using body weight, PiYos uses low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. The result? Long, lean, muscles, a high, firm booty, and tight, flat, sexy abs. PiYo will work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of a body. And since Chalene Johnson cranked up the speed and the fun, crazy calories will be burned too! I’m looking forward to this program as much as my wife is.

Hi, I’m Jeremy Poletto and this is my story that won $500 in the Beachbody Challenge and changed my life.

After spending the last 5 years remodeling my house (working nights and weekends) my body was worn down, my mind was tired, and my family life was filled with tension. I had just turned 40, was overweight, had chronic heartburn, as well as a never-ending sinus headache. Plus, I didn’t have the stamina to keep up with my 6-year-old, let alone our new baby. I don’t remember ever feeling “good” because there was always an ache or pain, and I just wasn’t happy.

This was NOT how I envisioned my life. I was very disappointed in myself because I wasn’t the person I truly wanted to be. I’d already wasted too much time and had to change something right now! So I bought P90X but only did a few workouts here and there. And since I wasn’t getting any results (which was obviously the program’s fault, right?), I bought P90X2 and figured it had to be better. Turns out, a workout program only works when you put in the work. It took me a few “re-starts” to learn that truth, but once I got my act together and stayed committed and consistent, my body started to change—as did just about everything else in my life.

I really liked P90X2′s three phases, with the first focusing on core stabilization and flexibility. I can now reach past my toes in a forward bend and feel strong enough in most yoga positions that I can focus on my breathing and positioning. I would have never thought that I would say that yoga and stretching are the most important exercises that I do weekly, but they have become just that.

Jeremy Poletto

While P90X2 truly is an amazing program, becoming a Beachbody Coach was the biggest reason that I was successful. I initially became a Coach for the discount, but once people started relying on me to be their mentor and source of strength, I became consistent with my workouts, and big changes started to happen. The more people I met and the more stories I heard, the more I was driven to help others reach their goals. And by helping others, I ultimately helped myself completely change my life.

The other secret weapon I had on my side was Shakeology. I replaced my worst meal every day with Shakeology and my energy immediately increased. I was no longer groggy in the afternoon, abandoned my pre-dinner naps, and I started losing weight! Plus, my heartburn went away and I finally ditched my huge stash of Maalox and Tums. As far as I’m concerned, Shakeology is the nectar of the Gods. It has helped me with many of my nutrition hurdles and it’s so easy to make. I call it the Swiss Army knife of nutrition and can’t say enough positive things about it.

I’ve come a long way from the tired, unhappy, aimless person that I used to be. I went from 207.5 pounds to 191. Dropped 4 inches in my waist and hips, went from a size 36 to a 32, and my body fat went from 23.5% to 15%. My relationship with my family has never been better as they have joined me in trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. We talk about what it means to be healthy together, we work out together, and we shop/prepare/eat nutritious food together. And it’s all due to being a Coach, completing a program, and drinking Shakeology daily. I’m now on to my next program and have the energy to workout early morning, go to work, play with my kids, maintain the house, spend time with my wife and do it all over again the next day. And I don’t plan on stopping. I do plan on sharing my accomplishments with as many people who will listen because I have proven to myself that I can have it all. Thanks to Beachbody, I’m now very confident that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to!

Do you want to change your life… your path… your story?  Have a lot of questions but you don’t know where to begin?  Make me your FREE coach and we can start now right now.

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Challenge Packs

Get everything you need to get started quickly:

  • Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology—the superfood shake that helps give you energy, reduce cravings, and accelerate your fitness results—delivered on Home Direct, our monthly autoship program.
  • A FREE 30-day trial membership in the Team Beachbody® Club, where you’ll find all the support you’ll need to complete your Challenge.
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Fitness Programs

This is where your lean, hard body and fit lifestyle begin.  Whether you want to lose weight, get totally ripped, or just get healthy, Beachbody’s best-selling fitness programs are the most effective way to reach all of your goals.  Our DVDs are fun, high-energy, and designed to get you into the best shape of your life.

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Replace one meal a day with Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry (vegan) or Chocolate Vegan to help increase your energy, reduce cravings, lose weight, improve digestion and regularity, and transform your health.

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Nutrition & Supplements

Find top-quality nutritional support for all your fitness goals.  These choices can help keep you lean, buff, healthy, and energized.

Our team uses many of these products to get prepped for a good workout or to recover after giving it our all.

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Equipment & Gear

These are all of the tools available to help you perform your absolute best when conquering one of our famous home workout programs.

Weights, stability balls, bands, medicine balls, chin up bars, push up stands and of course the one and only RumbleRoller.  Anything you need to succeed.

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